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Reflected in the mirror today of yourself What I feel? What about the tone of the skin? Dress Are you OK? Something I weird? I see hair style is strange! !

Hairstyle will largely the impression of a person as if magic. For example, cleanliness and strength if straight style, it means kindness and pomp if Carl style.

Then, when even curl style from the roots attached curl it becomes flashy beyond the pomp, Carl is enough to more visible vulgar finely, not filthy to can become even. But there if straight part (such as bangs) is, the balance in that cleanliness is added together will change impression is different.

The hairstyle in this way, I have the power to a significant impact on human impression.


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Eva in Greek “1”. We believe thoroughly that of “beauty”. Then, consider that the “How can we derive the identity of one person alone.” Because, it is because in the future before any “life that continues to shine” much beauty is thought that it is necessary. Is “Beauty is life itself” for us.

Beautiful = visual × healthy ×heart

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